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The Black Box Studio is a Graduate multidisciplinary Team Formed in the context of the Game Design Fall2012 in the Univeridade da Madeira

With members spawning from Graduate programs such as Human Computer Interaction (Joint program with CMU), Entertainment Tecnology Master (Joint program with CMU) and Computer Science Master we had the chalenge of designing a Transmedia world that supported the coinstrution of two games one computer based and another non computer game Connected in a inovative way

To achieve this purpose the team decided to explore and interactive table and card game.

With no further due, BlackBox Studio would like to welcome you to the world of Fall of Human.

Fall of Human

Earth 20XX

Many Years passed since the Last World War. Humanity lives a era of peace and tenological Advancement. First Hilton Hotel on the moon, cure for cancer,etc...


NASA - 22 December

Disaster Strikes, out of nowhere a gigantic meteor showesr is detected going straight to earth. Countdown to the death of humanity 22 hours. Ina blaze of fire and explosion, the spark of Humanity disapears from the universe ... or has it?

10 Years Later ...

From the ashes of the meteor shower, on Zion Humanity rose and start building from start and new world from the agressive world earth became. Sunlight was dimm memory, Storms were a daily contant, and food was scarse. But humanity was not alone...


From the Deep earth Death woke and rose from death. As time passed the number of roaming Zombies increased exponentialy. Depise their sheer number Zombies were not very bright, so Humans instead of crumble to fear they gambled on enslaving the mindless neighbours for their own purposes.


So a new era born, where Zombies are treated as a comodity, and humans use them as streetLights, lawnmowers or even watchdogs. If your Zombie have Problem you just need to reach the nearest meat factory for replacement parts

Welcome to the world of Fall of humans.

Fall of Human: Meat Factory

Build The Zombie of your Dreams!


Zion 2XXX

The apocalypse has destroyed the world. When the human found the zombies living with them in the underground city of Zion, they were initially wary of these creatures. But soon they realised that the undead were not very bright began a massive enslavement program of the Zombie neighbours

Some Years Later

An entire industry spawned from the zombie enslavement. You want a Zombie for any meanial task, just go to nearest Meat Factory and assemble the Zombie you need!


Welcome to FOH:Meat Factory the interactive table game.

Would you like to compete in a fast paced environment and create your zombie? The meat factory awaits you!!.

Game ends: 10 MIN



1 deck of cards including:

  • 40 zombie parts
  • 20 wall cards
  • 3 reverse cards
  • 2 fish cards
  • 1 morph card

The Playing Cards have the following configuration

  • Color code Class on top of card (Bigger Stripe)
  • Color Code Body Part underneat the Class indicator
  • Icon indication of body part
  • Text indication of class
  • Graphics for body Part

How to assemble a zombie?

In order for the player to assemble a zombie. The zombie has to have a Head, a Torso, a Right Arm, a Left Arm and Legs. An assembled zombie can be of two categories. A full type zombie or a mutant zombie. To be a full type zombie all of the body parts have to be of the same type. Mutant zombies have all the body parts but of different kinds.

How to operate the factory? - If you don't follow the rules you can get seriously injured!! - Warning

  • The manager of the factory will begin by distributing 4 cards to each player from the deck. And will place the heads of the zombies in the middle, there should be always less one head in the table than the amount of players.
  • The manager of the factory picks one card from the deck.
  • He checks if wants to keep the card to make a full zombie if yes discards the least useful card.
  • The discarded card is passed on to the next player.
  • Players pass around cards in an anti-clockwise direction and in a fast passed way discarding cards that don't fit and keeping cards that do.
  • The first player to complete a full zombie of a specific class can finish the round by slyly gabbing a head from the table.
  • Once the first head is taken, the other players can grab heads regardless of the completion of their zombie.
  • All players that have a complete zombie - of a specific class or a mixed type get to keep their zombie and grow their zombie horde.
  • The cards of the player who didn’t grabbed a head go back to the deck.
  • Then the next round starts again.
  • The game ends after the fourth round.
  • Now the players can choose to play the interactive table game with the zombies that were assembled.

Fall of Human : Uprising

The Zombies are up to something


Zion 2XXX

A baby zombie is missing, Kids scream "baby!" looking for the toy baby zombie their Parents assembled at the meat factory for them to play. With out the abuse of humans this Zombie baby doest have the urge to eat his own brains, and start to get brighter as he lives outside society away from prying human eyes

15 Years Later

Sundenly zombies start to malfuntion, mower do not cut lawn, streetlights start to walk on the street, spagetti starts to dissapear from stores.


Welcome to FOH:Uprising the interactive table game.

The zombie players strategically place their pieces to overcome the human defences and capture the factory. When a factory is captured, they turn green. The zombie players have to collaboratively capture all the factories before the game ends.

The human player has to defend his factories against all odds till the game ends.

Game Ends: 20 mins.


Map of an underground city on the interactive table containing

  • Fifteen Teleports
  • Three Factories

Zombie pieces with fiducial markers on its underside: spawn infinite amount of zombies

  • Badass:
  • Scout:
  • Fresh:
  • Puker:

Human pieces with fiducial markers on its underside: have unlimited power till the end of the game

  • Guards: shoot at zombies. Every shot kills a zombie. However they cannot shoot through walls or factories.
  • Builder: build a wall in on the teleport. These wall will block the teleport till a zombie can destroy it.
  • Goat: bleats in all directions. The goat bleats confuse the zombie and slow them down.

Note: all action by any piece except the goat occur in a straight line along the direction of the piece arrow

Total Game Timer of 20 mins

  1. The clock starts when the human player finishes positioning all his pieces on the teleports on the map
  2. The first move is made by a Zombie player and the turns go in an anti-clockwise direction.
  3. Each player has an individual time limit of 10 seconds for each turn.
  4. Every player can play as many turns as possible inside the total game time as per his turn.


  • After the Human player sets up his pieces on the Map, the game timer starts for the first zombie player.
  • He can place any one of his zombie pieces on any teleport in the map
  • The human player plays alternately, after every zombie players’ turn.
  • The game progresses in an anti-clockwise direction for the Zombie players.
  • Every player can move only one piece in a turn
    • This could be moving the piece to another jump spot.
    • Turning the piece to face another direction for attack in the same spot.
  • Capturing a Factory: Zombies successfully capture a factory when they are able to reach the factory unharmed. Once captured, The Zombie player can channel more zombies into the factory to build up the factories’ defence.
  • Reclaiming a factory: A human player can reclaim a captured factory by shooting down the number of zombies in the factory.

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